VetterTec develops, designs, manufactures, installs and services a wide range of advanced drying and dewatering equipment as well as complete dewatering, drying and compacting systems for customers in major industries around the world.

VetterTec has its focus in starch, ethanol, alcohol, brewing and environmental industries. In that industries a sustainable reference list of over 1500 high reliably operating installations had been build up and continue to grow steadily. All our solutions are proved by a high degree of reliance in the execution as well as reliability and flexibility in operation.

Based on its long term history VetterTec is used to deal in the related industries with the challenge of globalization, continues innovation, a constant demand for higher performance with lower costs, and the need for leading-edge technology supported by a global service organization.

Additionally, based on the successful track record in focussed industries VetterTec has also successfully supported with individual solutions for other industries like paper industries, wood industries (lignin), sugar industries past years.

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