Brewery Industry

VetterTec technology is used in the brewing industry for collection, conveying, dewatering and drying of spent grains as well as for yeast drying.

Spent grains

VetterTec supplies a complete component conveying and storage solution for spent grains through the brewery. VetterTec Screw Presses and VetterTec Dryers can be used to dewater and dry spent grains to required final moisture. Dry spent grains contain 20 to 26% crude protein and are used as a pure natural addition to animal fodder.

Combined Spent grain and Yeast drying

In order to increase the protein content in the spent grains the yeast can be mixed with the spent grain. This system combining the increase of the product value and minimizing the total investment. The dried product contains a percentage of 48% crude protein (highly digestive) as per ratio of the yeast and spent grain.

Yeast drying

VetterTec technology is also used by the brewing industry for yeast drying. Dry yeast contains more than 48% crude protein (highly digestive). It is a completely natural product, which is used as an animal fodder additive for ruminants, pigs, horses and poultry.

Complete system solution

VetterTec has the competence to deliver the complete starting after the lauter tun / filter up to the final bagging or truck loading


  • bullet  Collection of spent grains
  • bullet  De-watering spent grains
  • bullet  Drying spent grains
  • bullet  Conveying
  • bullet  Storage
  • bullet  Drying of yeast  
  • bullet  Combined drying of yeast and spent grains
  • bullet  Pelletizing of spent grains