Energy and Environmental Industries

VetterTec supplies advanced technology for dewatering and drying of biogas waste, compost, biological waste and reject sludge, fly ash as well as for the preparation of wet bio fuels prior to a combustion unit.

Bio-energy sources are becoming more and more important in the bid to increase the exploitation of renewable energy sources and preserve the CO2 balance.

Generation, combustion, conversion and other treatments release only as much CO2 into the environment as is absorbed in the crop growing process. The development of bio-energy sources and generating technologies also contributes positively to agriculture, the environment and the economy.

By their very nature, organic raw materials, by-products and waste require further processing - to reduce moisture content in order to prepare for combustion, treat prior to use as animal feed or disposal, and recover soluble ingredients.

VetterTec’s environmental technology platform combines technologies developed in England and Germany and is constantly being developed and optimized to meet the latest environmental and economic requirements in this rapidly developing global industry.


  • bullet  Mechanical dewatering of
    • •  residues from biogas production
    • •  residues from compost processes
    • •  grass and silage
    • •  leaching of water soluble ingredients like K, Cl, Na, P etc.
  • bullet  Evaporation / Concentration

  • bullet  Drying of
    • •  a variation of residues and raw materials
    • •  pig manure
    • •  wood chips
    • •  lignin
    • •  paper sludge