Oil Exctraction Industry

VetterTec has a long and successful track record as a supplier of thermal conditioning equipment to the global vegetable oil extraction industry.

Oilseeds such as soya beans, rape, sunflowers and other soft seeds are used as raw material for the production of vegetable oil.


The seeds are thermally conditioned as part of the refining process. Thermal treatment maximizes yield, deactivates enzymes that can be detrimental to quality, and removes solvents to produce a purer product. This presents a number of challenges including damage to or removal of nutrients, conversion to detrimental substances such as trans-fatty acids, impact on flavour and the risk of oxidation during the thermal process, which produces fatty acid damage.

VetterTec has a wide-ranging portfolio of references in the oil extraction industry. Indirect steam heating using the VetterTec Tube Bundle Conditioner has proved itself as a highly efficient and effective method of achieving the right ‘condition' for the product. The VetterTec Tube Bundle Conditioner is known for the high reliability and quality as well as cost-effective operation.


  • bullet  condition broken soya beans
  • bullet  condition sun flower seeds
  • bullet  condition entire or flaked rape seed and other oil seeds
  • bullet  predesolventise oil seed grist before the toaster
  • bullet  dry oil seed grist after the toaster