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Plant Performance Optimization

The purpose of plant performance optimization is to ensure a consistent high return on investment as well as compliance with evolving manufacturing and environmental standards.
All VetterTec plants are designed and customized according to specific customer requirements. This usually depends on the particular application for which the plant is intended.

Return on investment

Relevant production Key Performance Indicators can be throughput per hour, solids content, particle size distribution, retention significant characteristics, energy consumption, maintenance periods etc. Customers are constantly looking for quality improvements that can impact throughput and unit costs.

VetterTec specialists assist customers in optimizing plant performance in relation to existing applications or adapting plant to new ones. In-depth knowledge of manufacturing processes and quality parameters means that this work invariably results in significant enhancements with a very short pay-back time.


Manufacturing and environmental standards are constantly evolving. This applies to the plant itself in relation to sanitary requirements. It can be also apply to fire-protection regulations and environmental legislation or requiring minimizing of emissions, lower energy consumption etc.

VetterTec specialists can assist by adjusting plant settings, training operators in new plant operation routines, and suggesting adaptations and retrofits to existing plant.


Plant performance optimization gives you:

  • bullet  Higher throughput on existing plant
  • bullet  Compliance with new customer quality demands
  • bullet  Cost reductions through increased energy efficiency
  • bullet  Compliance with the latest environmental and safety regulations
  • bullet  Additional yield from current investments