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Preventive Maintenance

VetterTec offers a number of preventive maintenance options, each of which can be customized to your plant maintenance strategy.

We may refer on more than seventy years of experience and satisfied customer in industrial conditioning and drying.

Optimized performance

VetterTec preventive maintenance agreements are customized to individual customer needs, depending on supplied plant and equipment. You can choose between a variety of service options within an time period, discounted spare parts packages, technical support, consultancy services, and recommendation of wear parts in reasonable number in local inventory.

The first step towards the right result

The first step is to discuss your needs with us, and identify the relevant service and maintenance solutions for your Screw Presses, Dryers and other process operations. The result is the operational assurance you need in the right scope.


A preventive maintenance agreement with VetterTec means:

  • bullet  Avoiding unscheduled downtime
  • bullet  Optimizing throughput
  • bullet  Reduction energy costs
  • bullet  Maintaining constant product quality
  • bullet  Compliance with environmental and safety standards
  • bullet  The best qualified specialists for specific needs