Parts Inquiry

Spare Parts Service / After Sales

A high durability and reliability of capital goods and plants win further in importance. However nothing lasts forever and in order to avoid long standstill periods on reason of non available parts. This leads in majority of cases to increased costs.
We may offer support for establishing a reasonable spare parts stock locally.

On-site spares

While the cost of a predicable downtime are calculable, so may not justify extra cost of air freight, you can save extra time and money by maintaining a stock of the most important parts locally. This means to considering to question in order to avoid unnecessary downtimes, with a tying up a minimum of capital in spares.

VetterTec Spare Parts service enables you to optimize your production by:

  • bullet  Availability of vital spares quickly in an emergency
  • bullet  Maintaining a local stock to ensure readiness at acceptable cost
  • bullet  Obtaining parts for older plant by separate order

These services are also available as part of a preventive maintenance agreement customised to your needs.