Brewery Equipment

VetterTec provides brewery equipment with complete solutions for buffering, conveying, dewatering and drying of spent grains as well as yeast drying equipment.

Buffer tank

A buffer tank enables fast emptying of spent grains from the lauter tun using a screw positioned in the flanged-on conveyor housing. The lauter tun can be filled for the next brew after emptying, while the buffer can be emptied on a continuous basis.

Pneumatic conveying

The wet spent grains are pneumatically conveyed (plug conveying) from the buffer tank to a wet spent grains silo (discharge system) or a new buffer tank, before being fed to a screw press and to a spent grains dryer (Tube Bundle Dryer).


The storage tank before the screw press enables continuous operation of the press and dryer. Wet spent grains are discharged from the silo using a counting and registration system. After the drying process, the dried spent grains are fed to a silo from which the product is filled into bags or conveyed to a pelletizing system in order to reduce transport volume.