VetterTec Buffer Tank

Spent grains are conveyed to a wet spent grains distribution (silo plant) or to a spent grains drying plant (consisting of dewatering screw press and tube bundle dryer).

Function and Principle of Operation

The buffer tank is placed under the lauter tun and serves to achieve improved productivity in the brewing house. Through a falling chute, the spent grains get into the buffer tank directly. The complete quantity of spent grains in the lauter tun can be emptied immediately into the buffer tank (independently of the conveying capacity of the flanged conveyor).

Increased productivity

Once empty, the lauter tun can be filled again immediately. As a result, the number of brews per day, and thus productivity, increases.

Fields of Application

bullet  Brewing Industry:  Storage of wet spent grains

Capacity Profile

  • bullet  Continuous operation with a minimum of maintenance
  • bullet  Solid construction

Designs Available

  • bullet  Steel
  • bullet  Stainless steel