VetterTec Systems for Wet Spent Grains Pre Dewatering

The VetterTec wet spent grain pre dewatering system will reduce the moisture of the wet spent grains in the brew house before it is sent to the spent grain silo.

Function and Principle of Operation

This pre dewatering system is installed as an extension on the buffer silo under the lauter tun or on the single spent grain conveyor in the brew house. The dewatering section consists of a specially designed screw configuration to dewater the spent grains without reducing the wet spent grain conveying capacity. This special screw is covered by a perforated screen to drain the spent grain water. The screen is surrounded by a watertight cylinder including a screen washing system consisting of spray nozzles.

All feed moisture of 80% water the moisture typically can be reduced by 2 to 3%. Reducing the moisture already in the brew house gives the advantage that splash water will be reduced while loading on truck and during tranportation. The spent grain water will be sent to the biogas production plant and will increase efficiency.

Fields of Application

bullet  Brewing Industry: Pre Dewatering of wet spent grains

Special Features

  • bullet  Easy to implement in existing systems
  • bullet  Spray nozzles to wash the screen
  • bullet  Rugged design
  • bullet  Little space requirements