VetterTec Screw Presses

VetterTec screw presses are used to pre-dewater the wet spent grains prior to the drying section. This is minimizing the energy demand in the dryer, thus the operating cost, significantly.

Function and Principle of Operation

The wet spent grain is fed to the pressing screw through a feed hopper, and the screw presses conveys it into the compression area, where the product is further compressed during onward transportation. This is achieved reducing the volume in the screw flights of the press. At the end of the compression area, the product leaves the press through the discharge hopper.
VetterTec screw presses are driven by mechanical or hydraulic systems with
infinitely variable speed or electronic control.

We adapt the cylindrical or conical screw press design to the course of
the screw flights and the screen perforation in accordance with the
dewatering behaviour of the relevant product. This enables us to
customize machine designs for individual requirements.

In the Brewery industry the screw press is mainly used to dewater the
wet spent grain. Customized solutions had been develop to adopt whether
to a lauter tun process or a filter process.