VetterTec Silo and Dosing Screw

Function and Principle of Operation

As an alternative to drying spent grains at the end of the brewing process (see dewatering screw press / tube bundle dryer), the product can be fed to a wet spent grains silo plant. The spent grains are loaded on trucks from the silos by a dosing screw for use as animal fodder or for decomposition in agriculture.
The dosing screw features a compensating control that compensates for varying spent grains density, enabling adjustment of the discharge quantity at different filling levels in the silo.

As an alternative, the wet spent grains can be discharged through a measuring container (large rotary valve), e.g. if a dosing screw cannot be used due to limited space.

Fields of Application

bullet  Brewing Industry: Storage and discharge of wet spent grains

Capacity Profile

bullet  The maximum capacity of the discharging screw
is 800 to 1,500 kg/min.

Designs Available

  • bullet  Available as a dosing screw including control.
  • bullet  Control options:
    • bullet  for continuous discharge with start/stop actuation
    • bullet  control of units by counting decades (remote counter)
    • bullet  slot meter for pick-up by the customer
    • bullet  output pulse by check card with automatic data processing
      and invoicing, no service personnel required
  • bullet  Steel
  • bullet  Stainless steel