VetterTec Wet Spent Grain Conveyor

Spent grains, a by-product of the brewing process, are conveyed to a wet spent grains distribution plant (silo) or to a spent grains drying plant consisting of a dewatering screw press and a tube bundle dryer.

Function and principle of operation

The wet spent grains conveyor is placed under the lauter tun/mash filter in the brewing house. The spent grains enter the conveying screw of the wet spent grains conveyor through a falling chute. The conveying screw pushes the spent grains into a pipeline flanged to the conveyor outlet. In the pipeline, the spent grains are conveyed pneumatically by compressed air or steam in a plug-conveying operation.

Non-return safety device

The non-return safety device "NO BACK" between the conveyor and pipeline ensures a safe and intermittent build-up of pressure. The device is equipped with a compressed air connection for air injection.

The pipeline route and vertical difference can be up to 200 m, depending
on the spent grains consistency (pure malt filling/content of coarse fruit).

Fields of Application

bullet  Brewing Industry: Conveying of wet spent grains