Complete Drying Systems

Based on the VetterTec equipment portfolio we are offering customized and integrated dewatering, drying, evaporation and granulation systems. Typically these systems are a combination of screw presses, dryer and evaporator or only dryer and evaporator.

The systems are customized to multiply benefits in terms of energy reduction, product quality and a single point responsibility.

Today these systems constitute the market benchmark for minimized energy consumption and maximum integration in customer’s process comprising reuse of energy, thus reduction of CO2 emissions.

A single point responsibility combined with an approved technology responsibility secures a high capital investment.


  • bullet  Optimized interlinking of VetterTec - nologies
  • bullet  Preferred for customers demanding single point responsibility and lowest system energy consumption
  • bullet  Long term experience to adapt to nearby all downstream processes

Integrated System Components

integrated system components