VetterTec Dryers

VetterTec is a leading supplier of drying plants offering a broad range of indirect drying and mechanical dewatering equipment in addition ring, flash, fluid bed and spray dryers and coolers and within the integration of Moret Industries also Maguin rotary dryers/coolers and evaporators. Our plant and equipment have been established in the starch industry for over 35 years and during this time have achieved a world-wide reputation for quality, reliability and value for money.

Benefits of VetterTec Dryers

All VetterTec dryers are designed engineered and customized to provide unbeatable performance at the lowest possible cost. The majority of drying systems are customized to meet the best balance between product quality and minimized operating cost.

  • bullet  Broad group designed product portfolio
    Energy integration is one of the keys for a successful drying solution. Integration means whether to use energy (waste energy) from downstream processes or to reuse the off heat from the dryer. Here the broad own product portfolio enables VetterTec to adopt its solutions to nearby all processes and thus optimizing the overall process efficiency.
  • bullet  Gentle product treatment
    Precision engineering combines with total process control to minimize impact on proteins, aromas, flavours and colouring.
  • bullet  Optimized performance/cost ratio
    Energy efficient components, continuous and rapid drying, ease of operation and process automation provide complete control over yield and costs.
  • bullet  Broad Application
    Customizable plant design based on many years of experience in a wide range of applications is your assurance of complete compliance with your individual requirements.
  • bullet  Controlled Operation
    Automated process control enables end-to-end traceability in compliance with current standards and regulations.