Mechanical Dewatering

VetterTec screw presses are used to dewater fibrous materials of different consistencies, by maintaining mechanical force (electricity). The mechanical is the most efficient way to get rid of the water.


Mechanical dewatering is the use of mechanical force to remove the water from the product. VetterTec has over 80 years of experience in the mechanical dewatering.

Screw Presses - Function and Principle of Operation

The material is fed to the pressing screw through a feed hopper, and the screw presses conveys it into the compression area, where the product is further compressed during onward transportation. This is achieved reducing the volume in the screw flights of the press. At the end of the compression area, the product leaves the press through the discharge hopper.
VetterTec screw presses are driven by mechanical or hydraulic systems with infinitely variable speed or electronic control.

We adapt the cylindrical or conical screw press design to the course of the screw flights and the screen perforation in accordance with the dewatering behaviour of the relevant product. This enables us to customize machine designs for individual requirements.

Fields of Application

  • bullet  Corn husks, corn germs and wheat gluten
  • bullet  Brewery spent grains
  • bullet  Spent coffee grounds (extracted)
  • bullet  Potato pulp (shredded potatoes and potato peel)
  • bullet  Residues of salad, vegetables, onions and fruit
  • bullet  Citrus fruit peel and pectin
  • bullet  Barley mash
  • bullet  Pharmaceutical products
  • bullet  Plastic granulate, cellulose fibres, mineral matter fibres
  • bullet  Eucalyptus fibres
  • bullet  Drug residues
  • bullet  Chicken feathers
  • bullet  Compost, organic waste
  • bullet  Leaves
  • bullet  Citrus and orange peels
  • bullet  Reject sludge, rejects
  • bullet  Olive husks
  • bullet  Ensilage material (grass, rye, corn)
  • bullet  Leaching of alcalics (Cl, S, etc) prior to combustion plants

Screw Press for pharmaceutical products (FDA standard)