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Successful drying solutions for

Brewery Industries

VetterTec has a wide-ranging portfolio of references in the brewery industry. Our technology is used there for collection, conveying, dewatering and drying of spent grains as well as for yeast drying.

Spent grains
VetterTec supplies a complete component conveying and storage solution for spent grains through the brewery. VetterTec Screw Presses and VetterTec Dryers can be used to dewater and dry spent grains to required final moisture. Dry spent grains contain 20 to 26% crude protein and are used as a pure natural addition to animal fodder.

Combined spent grain and yeast drying
In order to increase the protein content in the spent grains the yeast can be mixed with the spent grain. This system combining the increase of the product value and minimizing the total investment. The dried product contains a percentage of 48% crude protein (highly digestive) as per ratio of the yeast and spent grain.

Yeast drying
VetterTec technology is also used by the brewing industry for yeast drying. Dry yeast contains more than 48% crude protein (highly digestive). It is a completely natural product, which is used as an animal fodder additive for ruminants, pigs, horses and poultry.

Complete system solution
VetterTec has the competence to deliver the complete starting after the lauter tun / filter up to the final bagging or truck loading.

  • Collection of spent grains
  • Dewatering of spent grains
  • Drying of spent grains
  • Conveying
  • Storage
  • Drying of yeast
  • Combined drying of yeast and spent grains
  • Pelletizing of spent grains

Pelletizing System with truck and train loading  

Tube Bundle Dryer  


Spray Dryer

Dust Filter

Dosing Screw For Truck Loading  

Wet Spent Grains Silo  

Mechanical Pre-Dewatering by Screw Press  

Buffer Silo

Brew House

Buffer Tank

Wet Spent Grains Conveyor  


For wet spent grains and wet yeast processing plants, VetterTec offers the complete range of conveying, storage, drying and dewatering equipment.

See here an example of VetterTec's supply and engineering for the brewing industry.

Main Applications

Mechanical Dewatering of
  • wet spent grains

in front of the dryer

Indirect heated drying of
  • spent grains
Spray drying of
  • yeast
Storage and Discharge of
  • spent grains
Pre-Dewatering, Conveying and Buffering of
  • wet spent grains
Complete Solution for the processing of
  • wet spent grains
  • dry spent grains
  • wet yeast
  • animal food

Engineering and supply of the complete system, starting after the lauter tun / filter up to the final bagging or truck loading

Your application is not on the list? Feel free to contact us:
we have several test facilities, combined with our long-term experience in the brewery industries we would be pleased to consult for the best drying solution for your product.

Design Examples

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