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In all business decisions and actions, VetterTec strives to comply with applicable laws and other relevant regulations in Germany and abroad. Integrity and honesty promote fair competition, also in relation to our customers and suppliers.

As the VetterTec Group, we are committed to acting in an economically, socially, and environmentally responsible manner. We therefore strive to conduct our business in a competent and ethical way and to protect fair competition in all markets in which we operate by complying with applicable antitrust, competition and restraint of trade laws.

Every VetterTec employee is obliged to ensure that no compliance violations are committed in his or her area of responsibility.

We have developed a special code of conduct for ethical and social standards for our suppliers, the Supplier Code of Conduct. It contains the guidelines and basic principles for responsible cooperation with all business partners. Compliance with the Supplier Code of Conduct is expected and mandatory for all VetterTec suppliers and their subcontractors.

The VetterTec Group has established a binding Code of Conduct for all employees. It describes the values, principles and behaviours that determine how we work together and how we do business.

Anonymous whistle­blower system

There are several points of contact that our employees, business partners and customers can turn to if they wish to report potential compliance violations. The first and most important point of contact for our employees is their direct line manager. General points of contact include the Compliance Officer, the HR department or the Workers' Council. In addition, VetterTec offers an anonymous external whistleblower system that enables protected communication between the whistleblower and the VetterTec Compliance Department. This system is available in German and English. Please also note our Whistleblowing Directive and the Data Protection Statement before accessing it.

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