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The VetterTec Tube Bundle Dryer is an indirect steam heated dryer and is well known for its efficient and gentle treatment of products.
By using steam as indirect heating media, customers are flexible in the choice of their energy source.

Tube Bundle Dryers – Principle of Operation

The steam heated tube bundle slowly rotates in a fixed housing and conveys the product to be dried axially through the dryer. Shovels transport the product along the circumference of the housing, where it falls through the heated tube bundle for each rotation.

The economic and gentle drying is achieved by contact with the tubes and convection. The heat source is typically saturated steam between 4 – 10 barg, solutions with lower steam pressure are available. 

Dryer Housing

Tube Bundle & Conveying Shovel System

Drive electrical motor

wet product inlet

wet bulb vapor hood

reinforced walls

wet bulb vapor hood

strong base

dried product outlet

Standard tube bundle dryer with shift on drive, also available with gear wheel drive, ATEX design and bag filter.

Benefits of VetterTec Dryers

Drying only with indirect steam and sweep ambient air, means no pollution to your product.

Low installation costs through modular design and pre-manufacturing.

Gentle drying through low temperatures.

Low energy consumption in the range of 1,25 to 1.3 lbs of steam/lbs of water evaporation.

Optimal sealing and insulation secure high wet-bulb temperatures and optimize energy recovery up to 67% in further processes (e.g. evaporator).

Safe process: minimized oxygen content ensures the lowest explosion and fire risk. ATEX design if required.

Clean and environmentally friendly: Integrated dust collector to minimize dust emissions to the atmosphere – closed-loop systems are also available.

Closed gas-tight system as well as design for drying below atmospheric pressure are possible.

Tube Bundle Dryer System

A tube bundle dryer system includes also a product mixing and recycling system for working with challenging product feed, for example a sticky product or at high moisture content. Special designed vapor filter reduces the dust content in the wet bulb to less than 20 mg/m3. Steam train controls the steam inlet flow and provides steam for quenching. Condensate train handles the steam condensate for further collecting and/or energy recovery. For ATEX requirements the dryer housing is reinforced, it is equipped with explosion protection vents with bursting discs.

VetterTec supply a reliable, long-life serving equipment. With focus on quality and customers satisfaction the technology provides more than 1000 references worldwide.

Tube Bundle Dryer

Vapor Filter


Mixing and Recycling System (discharge, dosing and conveying screw)

Explosion Protection Vents (ATEX)

Mixing Screw

Feed Screw

Typical scope of tube bundle drying system supply

Fields of Application

Tube bundle dryers are used for various products, preferably when steam should be utilized as heating media and lowest temperatures are required.

VetterTec tube bundle heat exchangers are employed in a wide range of applications as dryers, conditioners or desolventisers. Both granular as wells as slightly adhesive products can be dried in a tube bundle dryer. To be able to dry slightly adhesive products, the dryer is equipped with as specially developed recirculation system.

To achieve an optimal operating behavior, each dryer is customized, e.g. the spaces between tube and tube diameters, shovel positions and filling levels inside the housing etc. are selected and adjusted to an optimum.

According to requirements, it may be a useful supplement to run drying tests with the product to be dried - either on the customer’s site or in a lab.

Your application is not on the list? Feel free to contact us:
we have several test facilities, combined with our long-term experience in the drying we would be pleased to consult for the best drying solution for your product.

VetterTec Tube Bundle Dryers - Design Examples

Tube bundle dryer with integrated T-conditioner

Rape seed dryers with conditioner in the
Vegetable oil industries

Five double dryer systems

Drying of protein feed (DDGS) in the Fuel alcohol industries.
VetterTec’s biggest tube bundle dryer system reach more than 80 to/h of water evaporation

Tube bundle dryer with bag filter

Soya meal dryer with integrated filter (removal of solvents) in the
Vegetable oil industries

Tube bundle dryer system with Cooler

2 DDGS tube bundle dryers with cooler (wheat bran and syrup) in the
Agrifood industries

Vacuum dryer

Special design for drying below atmospheric pressure, used as test facility in the
Chemical industries

Enlargement with Disintegrator

Used for Corn gluten in the Starch industries

For decades proven technology for drying of by-products

Spent grain drying system in the Brewery industry

Explosion-proof dryer in ATEX design

Lignin Dryer in straw-based Ethanol factory

Gas-tight design

Implementations for special sealing for gas-tight technology in the Beverages industries for the dewatering of Coffee grounds

Enlargement with high-speed mixer

Widely used in the Starch industry

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